S4F was envisioned and conceived in 2020 by Roi Benitez in the city of Hyderabad, India, 15.000 km away from the City of Buenos Aires, her native city.

In the land of curry, of the vibrant colors, of the present scents and the exponentially emotional agility due to the experience of diversity at its most, started growing the intention to create a space that strengthens the purpose of transforming societies through learnings that provide each human being with the ability of selecting.

Today, this hat named Skills4Future is a space looked after, an experimental lab to rethink and to make us question where is the future of the workplace going, which are the skills of the future and how can we learn in every field and context in which we may develop.

The doors and heart of Skills4Future are open. You can work with us to make this change real.

S4F is a think-and-do-tank that surfs the intersection between technology, learning and culture to accompany organizations and people to be prepared for the future of the workplace going through a digital transformation.

We are the muscle that provides a future portrait full of possibilities.

We work to create vibrant impacts, we are far-sighted, innovative, and we create values that transform how and what we learn within organizations.

We design and co-create interventions with a mindset focused on mashup. We plant ourselves on proven methodologies to design powerful and measurable interventions.

We work and collaborate with experts, great dreamers and agents of change from all latitudes in an organic network of partners. We have both a virtual presence and a global footprint.