Roi Benitez


Digital anthropologist, humanist futurist, catalyst of disruptive transformation processes and professor. With a pioneering, rigorous, and humanistic approach, she drives innovation using emerging technologies.

Her unique blend of interests includes being a dedicated enthusiast of thick data analysis, anthropology of design, and maintaining a product-oriented mindset. Throughout her professional journey, she has consistently advocated for the notion that technology should serve humanity, a guiding principle woven into her work and career. As the founder of Skills4Future, she established a think-and-do-tank that navigates the convergence of anthropology, technology, and digital culture, effecting meaningful change through people-focused transformation. Her methodology is characterized by a systemic, appreciative, and human-centered approach.

Her academic background is solid, consisting of a Master's Degree in Social Anthropology from the University of San Martín, a Diploma in Political Communication from Austral University (2020), and a Bachelor's Degree in Public and Institutional Relations from the University of Business and Social Sciences (2019).

Recognitions, scholarships, and international awards have adorned her path, including the prestigious ITEC scholarship from the Ministry of External Affairs of India, the Scholarship of the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of China, acknowledgment by the Vital Voices Global Partnership as one of the 50 women leaders from Cono Sur, recognition from Junior Chamber International as one of the 10 outstanding young people from Argentina, and achieving the status of a semifinalist for the Women that Build Award from Globant.