A creative scaffold to

Accelerate Learning


The Disrupt Learning Method is a unique focus to comprehend and trigger solutions for complex learning challenges. It is supported by the methodological tool Learning Agility Canvas, a practical canvas to design change.

In Skills4Future, we develop and make use of The Disrupt Learning Method for all of our interventions, projects and workshops. We teach our methodology in our Disrupt Learning Program.

We use aunique multidisciplinary approach hat combines the experience of design thinking, sociology, social anthropology, cognitive sciences, design of futures, data science, behavior economy and systems thinking. Our approach enables the design of disruptive solutions with a measurable impact.

The combination of these disciplines allows us to create results never known before.


We land to understand the system through a profound immersion in the context, assuming a curious and exploring mindset.

We research, we raise what is surging, we comprehend the system, we suspend the bias and the need to solve problems in order to embrace the chaos of a complex system.

With the evidence at hand, we propose a hawk-eye gaze into the system to obtain a different perspective.

We gather learnings and we identify areas for intervention, reactors and indicators of impact that may allow us to accelerate change.

This is the creative stage in which we design learning systems

The target is to evolve the issue and create ideas and prototypes focused in the purpose and centered in people.

We design and survey the future of the strategy.